Meet your surgeon – Dr Kinyas Dusunmez

Dr Kinyas Dusunmez | Vita Estetic
Dr Kinyas Dusunmez | Vita Estetic

Dr. Kinyas is a pioneer in the field of DHI hair transplant, and he specializes solely in DHI.

By employing state-of-the-art methods developed over more than 8 years of practice helps the doctor understand the patients’ needs, to the point where he even understands their fears and doubts which others may not be able to grasp.

He gradated Medical Faculty in 2013 and has been doing hair transplant using DHI technique since then.

He states that ” To get the most natural looking hair out of a hair transplant, a surgeon must understand that every single patient is unlike any other, and each has different needs with a different approach. Not all surgeons understand hair transplant. For most, it is just a surgery. For me, it is a state of art”.

Unlike others, Dr Kinyas always performs the operation by himself with his assistants and makes sure every graft is implanted with precision and never leave a job half done.This is one of the reasons why Dr Kinyas is one of the most preferred hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul.